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Visit Amelia Wynn Winery on Bainbridge Island

Whether you want to visit all seven Bainbridge Island Wineries or just one, make sure Amelia Wynn Winery & Bistro is on your list. The Amelia Wynn Winery has long had a presence on Winslow Way, the main street in downtown Bainbridge Island, but it changed in delicious ways in 2020. Not only has this incredible Bainbridge Island Winery moved a bit further into downtown, but they’ve added a bistro that is serving up some of the most delicious food and wine available on the island.  It’s truly been an incredible addition to the Winslow area.

Many of the visitors that come to Bainbridge Island come for just a day, to walk our picturesque streets, browse the shops, and dine in the well-known restaurants that call this island home.  While you can experience the downtown portion of Bainbridge Island pretty easily in a day, there is truly so much more to this island worth seeing – including 6 more delicious Bainbridge Island Wineries!  You might want to consider extending your day trip into at least one overnight stay.

There are quite a few delightful choices for lodging on the island, too, ranging from traditional hotels and Inns to quaint B&B’s, Airbnb’s and VRBO’s. We’d love to help you find a place to stay, so you can truly experience the best of Bainbridge.  Check out our listings and availability offered by the Bainbridge Island Lodging Association. 

Sip & Savor at Amelia Wynn Winery

Amelia Wynn Winery has been producing wine since 2008. Like many Bainbridge Island Wineries, Amelia Wynn sources grapes from vineyards in eastern Washington.  They focus primarily focus on Bordeaux, Rhone,  Italian, and Spanish varietal wines, many of which have won numerous national awards as well as 94 point scores. Previously, you could find their wines at local gem Island Vintners, a cozy little space on Winslow Way that was known not just for its great selection of wine, but as a local art gallery as well.  Recently, they moved locations just a little way down the street into a newly renovated yet historic building on Bainbridge Island.

dinner and wine tasting at Amelia Wynn Winery and 6 other Bainbridge Island Wineries

The new space brings them much more room to sit back and sip on their delicious wines, but it also has breathed new life into the Bainbridge Island food scene, with the addition of the Amelia Wynn Bistro. There’s a lot to love about the dining scene on Bainbridge Island, but the Amelia Wynn Bistro is certainly at the top of our list of favorites. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining on their patio overlooking Winslow Way.

Right now, their current menu is expansive, and heavily influenced by Spanish/Peruvian cuisine.  Enjoy delicacies like Paella, Spanish Empanadas, Grilled Octopus, Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Peruvian Roasted Chicken, and so much more! It really is a treat for the senses, and well worth a visit the next time you come to Bainbridge Island.

6 More Bainbridge Island Wineries To Visit

Amelia Wynn, of course, isn’t the only winery that’s worth visiting while you’re here!  That’s why you really should consider staying more than one night on Bainbridge!  There are 6 other incredible Bainbridge Island Wineries located around the island. Wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to sip, swirl, and sightsee your way around this incredible place! Most Bainbridge Island Wineries offer tasting rooms downtown, while others are spread out around the island. Bainbridge Island truly is a haven for wine enthusiasts.

dinner and wine tasting at Amelia Wynn Winery and 6 other Bainbridge Island Wineries

Depending on the Bainbridge Island Wineries you visit, you’ll find wines grown and produced right here on the island, which includes some cool-weather varietals, or you’ll find wines produced from grapes grown in eastern Washington’s famed wine regions. Wherever you end up, you’re bound to find something to love at one of these 6 incredible Bainbridge Island Wineries:

  1. Bainbridge Vineyards, featuring grapes grown right here on Bainbridge Island.
  2. Eagle Harbor Wine Co. has 2 locations; one on Winslow Way, and one a little farther north near the BARN facility. Their new location at the BARN facility also happens to be near Highside Distilling, which makes for a delicious second stop if you’re up for it!
  3. Eleven Winery, the largest on the island, also has two locations:  A tasting room on Winslow Way, and their winery and tasting room location on the north end of the island, just off Day Road. They often feature live musicians on the weekends at their Day Road Winery.
  4. Fletcher Bay Winery is another winery with 2 locations.  One is just steps from the ferry terminal, next door to Bainbridge Brewing’s Alehouse, and the other is in the Coppertop Park Business Development, also next door to the original Bainbridge Brewing Location mid-island.  This makes for the perfect two-for-one stop – 3 for 1, really, if you add Bainbridge Organic Distillers into the mix, which is near their original location in Coppertop Park.
  5. Stop in to taste some yummy raspberry wine at Perennial Vintners!  It’s made from local berries!
  6. Rolling Bay Winery and Tasting Room is a small artisan winery producing wines from grapes grown on Snipes Mountain, which is one of Washington State’s newest AVAs.

With so many delicious wine tasting opportunities at these incredible Bainbridge Island Wineries, why would you not want to stay for more than a day?  Check out the lodging and availability offered by the Bainbridge Island Lodging Association, and spend a few days with us on this incredible island!


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