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Bainbridge Island Destinations: Dayaalu Yoga and Healing Center

dayaalu-center-bainbridge-islandLook closely at the simple flower representing Dayaalu Center and find a circle of connected hearts forming a radiant sun. It’s the perfect description for Dayaalu’s mission: A place to spread light through heart to heart connections. “Dayaa” means compassion in sanskrit. Adding “lu” makes it a verb — to offer compassion. Through compassionate action in the form of teaching, learning, healing and invoking community the Center aspires to help everyone shine.

A core offering at the Dayaalu Center is yoga, an ancient science of health and wellness. The benefits include a strong body, clear mind and calm reflecting the joy and peace residing in everyone. There are many branches of yoga, including Hatha, meditation, Nada or sound, Jnana or philosophy, Karma or service and Bhakti or devotion. It is the Center’s mission to offer a variety of classes and events that celebrate these branches.


Bainbridge Island’s Dayaalu Center offers yoga classes and therapies.

Dayaalu Center houses a community of healers called to provide integrated care. The seeds came from collaboration between traditional physical and mental health therapists, yogic practitioners and alternative healers who seek to provide deeply integrated care for individuals, families and communities.

Community is at the heart of Dayaalu’s vision and in every corner of their attractive center guests can find opportunities to make connections. Their classes are small and welcoming and have offerings for all ages and abilities. They invite guests to join their daily noon community meditation sessions, and offer delicious food to nourish the body and spirit. Come soak in the vibrations of their Kirtan concerts and sound healing experiences.

The people at Dayaalu Center on Bainbridge Island look forward to seeing you in their center and garden and to connect with others who share the desire to learn and grow.

This article was adapted from the Dayaalu Center’s website.

How to Get There:

Dayaalu Center
159 Wyatt Way NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 436-9388
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