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Saturday Morning at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

Though things certainly look different these days at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, it’s still one of our favorite places to spend a part of our Saturday. Like most farmers’ markets, the one on Bainbridge offers a beautiful cross-section of our community and is one of the best ways to get a feel for this incredible place. In normal times, the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market is buzzing with people of all ages and from all backgrounds, there to pick up their produce for the week, to sample the delicious foods offered at the market, to check out the latest work of local artisans, and to listen to music and mingle with friends.

It’s a delightful Saturday morning tradition, and one we think everyone should experience.  Washington State is still largely in phase 1 of reopening after the Coronavirus pandemic, and likely won’t be fully open to travel between communities for some time yet. We think it’s important to stay home to keep all of our incredible communities safe, including our own.  But as we do get to the point of reopening, we hope you’ll join us for some quiet R&R on Bainbridge Island, where you’ll experience a wonderful variety of things to do, including the weekly Bainbridge Island Farmers Market.

Until it’s safe to travel, please honor our community by staying home. In the meantime, engage in a little travel planning and plan a future escape to our charming island.  The Bainbridge Island Lodging Association has a wonderful range of lodging properties to choose from, each of which offers a different glimpse into the charmed life on our beautiful island. We really do hope to see you soon!

Explore the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

Though the experience isn’t quite what it used to be now, with new safety precautions and protocols in place, we’re thrilled that the farmers market is open and providing its valuable service to our community members and local farmers and artisans. Bainbridge has long been a community that values the ethos of buying and eating locally, and that’s never been more clear than at the weekly farmers market.

Visit the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

The Bainbridge Island Farmers Market is held at the Winslow Town Center near City Hall, which is just up the hill from Mora Iced Creamery and Restaurant Marché (two businesses you should definitely experience during your time on Bainbridge!). The farmers market’s current hours are between 10 am – 1 pm. Masks are required to be on the premises, and the market is asking that non-service animals stay home (dogs are traditionally very welcomed at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market!). There are an incredible number and variety of vendors at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Bainbridge Island Woodwards
  • Bainbridge Vineyards
  • Baywater Sweet Oysters
  • Butler Green Farms
  • Central Valley Nursery
  • Clara’s Wok N Roll
  • Coquette Bake Shop & Creamery
  • D’Back German Bakery
  • Farmhouse Organics
  • Highside Distilling
  • Pane d’Amore Bakery
  • Persephone Farm
  • Powell Jones Fine Chocolates

To keep guests safe, the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market is not only requiring masks for visitors and vendors alike, but they are also doing their best to limit the crowds and encourage social distancing. Personal shopping bags and baskets are also not allowed at this time. Otherwise, please freely visit this wonderful community hub, and help support Bainbridge Island farmers and artisans.

Visit the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

Stay For More than a Day on Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island has become a pretty popular day trip for those visiting Seattle.  Often, people come over in the morning, spend a little bit of time browsing the stores and restaurants of Bainbridge Island, and then return back to the city.  There’s no way a short visit like this can do Bainbridge Island any sort of justice.  Perhaps we’re partial because we live here, but we don’t think so.  By all accounts, Bainbridge Island is a truly charming place not just to live, but to visit as well.

There are a number of wonderful attractions around the island, including the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, a number of art galleries and studios, the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN), Bloedel Reserve, and plenty of great parks, trails, and beaches to enjoy. We’re looking forward to these wonderful island businesses being open again soon, and hope that when it’s safe to do so, you join us for a few days on beautiful Bainbridge Island. When you’re in need of a place to stay, the accommodations offered by the Bainbridge Island Lodging Association will have just what you’re looking for.

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