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Bainbridge Island gets a Five-Star Rating as a Favorite Place to Visit in Washington!

Here’s a fun article that recently ran in the City of Bainbridge Island’s “Manager’s Report”:

The City recently received a letter from a young lady named Tatiana, who awarded Bainbridge Island a Five-Star Rating as a “Favorite Place to Visit” in Washington.

Tatiana goes to school in Bellevue, and was working on a school project where she was asked to write a review about her favorite place in Washington. Students were required to use descriptive words and persuasive language. The goals of the project were to persuade others to visit the student’s favorite place, and to share how much they care about this place.

Tatiana’s letter is below, and it’s worth a read. She provides valuable perspective from a visitor’s point of view and serves to remind each of us why we too, love it here!

Thanks Tatiana! We hope you got an “A”


If you’ve visited Bainbridge Island, would you agree with Tatiana? Does Bainbridge deserve “5 stars”?

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