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Historic Seabold Community Hall is Bainbridge Island’s Club House


Seabold Community Hall on Bainbridge Island.

In 1893 eighteen Seabold families petitioned the county to establish a school. John Johnson donated land that summer, and $700 in bonds were issued for the building by Seabold District No. 28’s first directors – William Bull, Nels Miller and N.P. Nelson. William Beedy, the first teacher, was hired for $35 a month. The school became the focus of all social life including funerals, bazaars, church and Sunday school, until Seabold Church was built in 1909. The school closed in 1928 after island school districts consolidated. It was then purchased by the Seabold Community Club. For many years Seabold Hall served the needs of the Club, and was used by many in the community for private functions.

In March of 2011, the remaining members of the Seabold Community Club turned ownership of the hall over to the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District. The District plans to uphold the use of the hall for all of Bainbridge Island, while providing for its maintenance and needed repairs.

Today, the 118-year-old Seabold Community Hall is set in a 3-acre park holds 80 people and has an all wooden interior with a separate kitchen (see History of the Hall, below). There is a stove, oven and refrigerator as well as a few coffee pots. No dishes or cooking implements are available.

This article was adapted from the Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec Department and Bainbridge Island Historical Society websites.

How to Get There:

14450 Komedal Road
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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