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Strawberry Hill Center Provides Classes and Summer Day Camps


Strawberry Hill Center on Bainbridge Island offers a variety of art classes and summer camps.

Strawberry Hill Center, once the site of Strawberry Hill Alternative School, hosts a variety of art classes, cooking classes, chess tournaments, poetry, language classes, summer day camps and more. The BIMPRD Board meetings are held twice a month in the large room.

This facility has internet access and windows in all rooms. There are 2 bathrooms, one with a baby changing station, and storage for BIMPRD classes.

The large meeting room (approx. 26’ x 27’ linoleum floor), seats 50 people max and has a white board, tables and chairs. There are 7 double electrical outlets.

Kitchen area (work area 10’ x 12’ linoleum floor, additional teaching area 13’ x 12’) includes 2 stove top ovens, a microwave oven, a full size refrigerator, 4 sinks, dishwasher and center countertop work space. Cooking utensils and equipment are not available. There are 2 double electrical outlets by the sink area.

Adjacent to the kitchen is an art room (26’ x 18’ linoleum floor, seats 20 max) with 2 separate sinks, tables and chairs. There are 6 double outlets.

The small meeting room (11’ x 13’ carpeted floor) seats 8-10 people max. There is a phone, a white board, tables and chairs. Some audio visual aids are available as well. There are 4 double outlets.

When Park Classes are not in session these rooms are available for rent.

This article was adapted from the Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec District website.

How to Get There:

7666 High School Road NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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