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Transportation Options

Bainbridge Island offers a wide variety of transportation methods to travel around the island. Whether or not you have a car, it is simple to find your way around. If you take the ferry without a car, plan to walk around the downtown Winslow area. The Bainbridge Downtown Association has produced a walkabout guide which includes the locations of Art Galleries, Museums, shops, restaurants, outdoor activity areas, and even real estate. Prepare to take your time downtown, as there are plenty of sweet spots to explore! After discovering the many charms of Winslow, there are several options for travel to other areas of the Island.

Kitsap Transit

To plan your trip on Kitsap Transit, just put in your start address, end address, and departure time on their website under the tab, “plan your trip” and their map will tell you the best place and time to catch the bus!

Kitsap Transit is a public transit agency serving Kitsap County, Washington, and operates bus service on 40 fixed routes including on Bainbridge Island. Kitsap Transit participates in the ORCA Card program, a contactless, stored-value smart card system for public transit. The busses are all accessible from the ferry terminal as well as numerous stops around the island.

BI Ride

BI Ride is a shared-ride service that operates on Bainbridge Island by both rider request and by serving scheduled stops.  BI Ride serves sites on the island including the Bainbridge Island Ferry, Bloedel Reserve, Lynwood Center, Manitou Beach, Sportsman Club, Agate Point, Rockaway Beach, New Sweden, and Day Road. This is a great option for visitors who hope to explore some of Bainbridge Island’s most well-known destinations without a car.

In order to use BI Ride, hop on the bus at one of three scheduled stops– Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal, Lynwood Center, or Bloedel Reserve. Just tell the driver which stop you would like to go to and they will take you there. If you want to catch the bus somewhere other than at a scheduled stop, call at least two hours in advance and the bus will come to you. To schedule a ride, please call 1-844-4BI-RIDE.  Reservation lines are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Tour Bainbridge

If you would prefer to have someone show you around the island, you can schedule a customized tour of the island through Tour Bainbridge at 206-359-2201.  They will provide a tour based on your needs and desires.  Tours include history and hiking, wine tasting, sightseeing, and even going off the island to visit the Suquamish Museum and Chief Seattle’s gravesite.

Sweet Deal Mobile

For another fun option that is unique to Bainbridge, check out the Sweet Deal Mobile, an oversized golf cart that drives around downtown and is owned by Sweet Deal Clothing.  If you’re lucky, you can catch a ride on it when you get off the ferry.  Although it does not have a set schedule, you might have a chance to flag it down in town. The ride is free, but be sure to tip your driver!


Image from PacWesty

For visitors who would like to up their adventure to the next level, we recommend checking out PacWesty, a small business located on the island that rents out Vanagon camper vans. This small-business, located in the Manzanita neighborhood and accessible by taxi or ride share, is loved by both locals and tourists alike. With minimum rentals of two nights in the offseason to five nights during the summer peak, you and your fellow travelers can conquer the roads on Bainbridge Island and even venture off it (up to 500 miles!) in one of PacWesty’s retro camper vans.

Image by Don Willot

If you are looking for a more active way to discover the marvels of Bainbridge Island, you may consider renting a bike.  If you are in Winslow, look to rent a bike at Bike Barn, located just past the busses when you get off the ferry, or Classic Cycle, located on Winslow Way across the street from the ferry terminal.


If you come to the island without a car and need to find your way to a lodging site or less frequented location, you can always use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, or you can take a taxi. Taxi & Tours can be reached at (206) 842-7660. Viking Cab Co. can be reached at (360) 244-4420.

No matter your preferred mode of transportation, Bainbridge Island has got you covered!

Transportation Quick Links

Public Transportation:

Kitsap Transit B.I. Ride

Ride Share Services:



Taxi Services:

Taxi & Tours (206) 842-7660

Viking Cab Co. (360) 244-4420

For Custom Tours: Tour Bainbridge, LLC (206) 359-2201


Camping Van Rentals: Camping Van Rentals

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